[wingide-users] remote debugging fails, can't import netserver

Mark A. Schmucker masc at rincon.com
Fri Jul 11 17:30:37 MDT 2008

I'm trying to set up remote debugging. It is not possible to install Wing on
the remote machine, so I have followed the instructions in the manual,
section 11.1.2, Installing the Debugger Core. I have used the second option
shown there- copying wingdbstub.py, bin/wingdb.py, and
bin/2.4/src/debug/tserver to the remote machine. I have specified winghome
in my wingdbstub.py.
When I run the remote process, it does find and import bin/wingdb.py, but it
cannot import netserver. (netserver.pyc is available in my tserver
directory.) wingdb.py does correctly generate the two default locations,
adds them one by one to the sys path, and tries to import netserver. The
first of the two default locations, <my winghome>/bin/2.4/src/debug/tserver,
does indeed contain the file netserver.pyc, yet the import fails.
The output seems to indicate netserver.pyc is failing at line 206:
    File "2.4/src/debug/tserver/netserver.pyc", line 206, in ?
Sorry I can't send the entire debug output- it's on a private network, no
Any ideas?
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