[wingide-users] project management and subversion

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Fri Jul 11 08:18:21 MDT 2008

Chris Ness wrote:
> I have discovered that projects can be put into shared (.wpr and .wpu) 
> mode, but am unsure how to proceed.
> What I'd like is something like the way Visual Studio does things. One 
> project file and a user file for every machine I work on.
> Or should I remove .wpu from source control and maintain them manually 
> in my working copy? but working copies get torn down occasionally.
> Can .wpu and .wpr reside in different places?

They need to reside next to each other on disk.  You'll want to remove
the .wpu file from source control so there's just a local copy on each
machine.  Before doing so, you may want to back up the file if the
removal from source control is also going to remove the local copy.

> can I rename the .wpu?

No, it needs to be named as is and in the location it's at (next to
the .wpr).

> is there a subversion trick I could use that pulls out a 
> location/platform dependant file but renames it?

Possibly, but in general I'd recommend simply not checking in the
.wpu file.  That's what I do here where I have a gazillion copies
of the Wing sources and other things on different machines and
different branches checked out.

However, the idea of checking in uniquely named files isn't bad,
so I'll keep that in mind as a possible future enhancement.
Thanks for the implicit suggestion!

> PS I lost all my project items (project tool empty) when switched to 
> 'shared project'. Is this normal?\

No, it should not have lost anything, just saved to both .wpr and .wpu
on the next save.  It may be too late due to log truncation but in
general when something like that goes wrong, please submit a bug
report from Wing's Help menu and leave the "include error log" box



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