[wingide-users] project management and subversion

Chris Ness cness at soundmotion.co.uk
Fri Jul 11 04:09:25 MDT 2008

First of all would like to congratulate the company on an excellent 


at work I have 2 monitors and have Wing split into two windows. one all 
tools, the other the editor. So the .wpr and python project files are 
under subversion. Fair enough. But when I got home and checked out the 
project I was presented with the same window layout as at work, which 
was no damn use for my single monitor!

I also ran into some issues regarding project settings when moving 
between platforms (win32/linux)

I have discovered that projects can be put into shared (.wpr and .wpu) 
mode, but am unsure how to proceed.

What I'd like is something like the way Visual Studio does things. One 
project file and a user file for every machine I work on.

Or should I remove .wpu from source control and maintain them manually 
in my working copy? but working copies get torn down occasionally.

Can .wpu and .wpr reside in different places?

can I rename the .wpu?

is there a subversion trick I could use that pulls out a 
location/platform dependant file but renames it?

All ideas welcome!


PS I lost all my project items (project tool empty) when switched to 
'shared project'. Is this normal?

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