[wingide-users] undetermine type

Lawrence Oluyede l.oluyede at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 03:34:16 MDT 2008

On Fri, Jul 4, 2008 at 10:33 AM, Marcus Low <marcus at internetnowasp.net> wrote:
> listrcpt = rcptto[:]
> This is valid list copy. The statement "assert(isinstance(rcptto, list))" is
> only added there to HELP wing-ide to recognize that rcptto is a list. Else i
> wont be bother putting it.
> Now if wing-ide recognize now that rcptto is a LIST then my next statement
> "listrcpt = rcptto[:]"  should be recognize as well.
> If i am not using listrcpt as a list here, i dont know what other possible
> use you are talking about given just those codes.

I think I did not explain myself correctly. I think WingIDE can infer
if a variable is "something" by how you initialize it. I doubt that
asserting something will help hi.
I'd try with

listrcpt = list(rcptto)

without the assert

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