[wingide-users] WingIDE and virtualenv

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Thu Jul 3 11:02:03 MDT 2008

Chris Perkins wrote:
> I was wondering if there was planned support for virtualenv any time in 
> the near future.
> I keep a very bare-bones python install on my machine and keep all my 
> projects separate.
> Because of this I lose a lot of the benefits of auto-complete/source 
> assist, because the packages do not exist in the python which runs WingIDE.
> It would be nice to have a 1-to-1 mapping of project to virtualenv, and 
> when I opened a project, it would use that virtualenv's python for the 
> prompt, autocompletion, etc.

We'll try to look into it.  I don't know much yet about virtualenv but
it may help, if there is a file that sets sys.path, to set that as the
Main Debug File in Wing since Wing tries to parse the sys.path setting
and use that in analysis for autocompletion/etc.

For the shell, it would only work if there's a way to set the Python
Executable in Project Properties to something that runs like Python.
Is that possible?

if not, another way to deal with that is to import wingdbstub in code
running in the virtualenv, set a breakpoint, and then use the Debug Probe
as the Python Shell.


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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