[wingide-users] Re: Auto-completion

Avner Ben avner at skilldesign.com
Thu Jan 31 01:41:52 MST 2008

Wingware Support wrote:
> Yes, although you can say something like "raise MyFunction(x=1)" as well,
> which is why more than just exception names are included.  However,
> admittedly this is a rare case.
It would be nice if this could be configure. "select auto-completion: 
full/brief", where "brief" ignores the rare cases.
> Locals and globals certainly shouldn't be shown when you type "self." 
> and nor should language keywords/etc.
> Is your use case that you end up scrolling through the list to find
> things, or are you just trying to get locals to show up before
> globals so you can type and use fewer arrow keys to get to a match?
> Also, is the issue that you have something like "from x import *"
> or other reason that the module-level name space is cluttered?
I am trying to avoid this, but wxPython adds many names. In addition, my 
project alone adds some 400 public classes and functions.
> I'm trying to understand which names spaces are large and how you
> end up trying to hunt through them in the completer.  Your suggestion
> is reasonable but I also suspect that even separating out locals,
> globals, imported names, etc, there may still be a need to somehow
> better handle those when they are large.  So there may be a better
> way to solve this.
Any improvement is welcome!
I will try to keep track of my usage and take notes of annoying cases.
Talking about context sensitivity, how about ADDING names? For example, 
it would be nice if typing "def __" inside a class would bring up all 
the reserved method names, or at least the frequent ones, such as 
"__init__" and "__iter__", minus those that are already defined.
> BTW, I haven't been able to find the thread on this topic that
> you referred to -- neither on the mailing list or in our support
> archives, but I just searched for "avner" and "skilldesign" which
> perhaps isn't correct.
That was a long time ago, may be two years. I am afraid I have kept no 
records of it in my email client.
> Thanks,

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