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Wed Jan 30 13:04:19 MST 2008

johnf wrote:
> Can someone confirm this possible bug?  I'll comment out several lines of code 
> (actually dup code) the spacing will become off.  Wing suggests that there is 
> something wrong with the spacing and wants to convert at the same time - I 
> think it converts to 8 spaces (I use 4 spaces).  I allow the convert and the 
> commented lines re-vert to un-commented lines.  I was able to do this twice.  
> But since I have not been able to dup the circumstances.

I can't off-hand think of a way that the indentation converter would access
old code -- it uses the same cache object shared by the editor.  But perhaps
combined with auto-reload and an external edit there's some way to cause this.

I'm also surprised Wing would complain about indenting if you're comment out a
few lines.  Was it possibly the first few lines of Python, or all lines of Python
that have indents in the file (not counting within-logical-line indents)?

Also, what version of Wing is this?  Are you commenting out with the Commment Out
item in the Source menu or some other way?  Do you have the Indent Style Policy
in Project Properties under the Options tab set to anything?

We'ld definitely need more details to diagnose this.


Stephan Deibel
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