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Wed Jan 30 09:46:50 MST 2008

Avner Ben wrote:
> (1) The lack of auto-completion is crippling. I am certain the students 
> will not agree to not having auto-completion when they can get it on 
> other free tools. I strongly suggest that you consider enabling 
> auto-completion, since this is definitely not the one feature that will 
> prevent serious users from buying the full product. The lack of any form 
> of project management does that.

101 is really aimed at intro programming courses for non-programmers
that have never written a line of code before.  The university we
designed this with specifically asked for no auto-completion for
that reason.

For a variety of reasons, it's fairly unlikely we'll add completion
to the free version of Wing.

> (2) Under "Debug", programs run visibly slower than in the full version.

Are you comparing the same versions of Wing?  I'm a bit surprised at
this and haven't seen it myself.  I should note that at the moment
3.0 is slower than 2.1, although we're hoping to fix that soon.

> (3) The "Run" mode does not always work.

Can you provide any details?

> (4) While debugging a multi-threaded application, stopping at a 
> breakpoint and opening the "stack data", tool sometimes makes the 
> debugger show the wrong thread.

A few of the debug tools seem to sometimes set the stack frame too
early, and it may be more apparent in 101 for some reason.  We'll
try to fix it.  I suspect our other users were not debugging threaded
apps since most are in CS 101 style classes.

> (5) I like the idea that running the program automatically opens the 
> "Debug I/O" tool. I would like to see this feature in the full version 
> too, configurable to file.

We'll address this, although it'll likely be done with something
more like configurable perspectives for debug/editing/testing/etc
than Wing deciding preemptively what to show.

Thanks for the feedback!


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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