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Wed Jan 30 09:34:08 MST 2008

Avner Ben wrote:
> (1) Named invocation argument-values are not auto-completed, as in 
> "parent=parent", where "parent" is a variable declared above.
> (2) The "else" side of ternary if (as in "pos = x if isVisibile() else 
> y") is not auto-completed (however, the "if" side is).

I'll see if I can add detection of the context correctly for these cases.

> Apparently, Wing seems to dislike the ternary if notation - it gives a 
> "syntax error" tool-tip when you place the cursor anywhere on it.

Wing 3.0 doesn't fully understand them.  That already has been fixed
in our development sources (for 3.1).

> Apropos auto-completion: There was a long thread in this respectable 
> forum sometime ago on the subject, featuring such ideas as (1) 
> organizing the suggestions by local/self/global/language categories, 
> possibly configurable, and (2) restricting selection to object type, as 
> in "raise" [exception-types-only], which you promised to consider. Any 
> work done?

Wing's auto-completer always shows (or tries to show) only completions
appropriate to context.  In tact that's why it's failing in the two
cases you noted (ternary if and arg=value).  Perhaps I'm misunderstanding
what you mean?

> Also, you promised me long ago to look at the little annoyance of 
> dragging from the editor window to the "debug probe" tool ending with 
> text being moved (instead of copied). Remember?

I'll see if we can fix this.  Looks like the problem is on win32.  On
non-win32 the same problem exists when you drag into the Search or
Search in Files tools.  Both of these are hard to fix due to the
deeply buried and platform-intertwined GTK internals for drag and drop.
I believe that's why it wasn't fixed the last time we looked at it.


Stephan Deibel
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