[wingide-users] Wing IDE 101

Avner Ben avner at skilldesign.com
Wed Jan 30 04:20:59 MST 2008


I downloaded Wing IDE 101 (the limited, free edition) when it came out 
and have used it a little. I am going to test it in my next Python course.
There are Some issues, however:
(1) The lack of auto-completion is crippling. I am certain the students 
will not agree to not having auto-completion when they can get it on 
other free tools. I strongly suggest that you consider enabling 
auto-completion, since this is definitely not the one feature that will 
prevent serious users from buying the full product. The lack of any form 
of project management does that.
(2) Under "Debug", programs run visibly slower than in the full version.
(3) The "Run" mode does not always work.
(4) While debugging a multi-threaded application, stopping at a 
breakpoint and opening the "stack data", tool sometimes makes the 
debugger show the wrong thread.
(5) I like the idea that running the program automatically opens the 
"Debug I/O" tool. I would like to see this feature in the full version 
too, configurable to file.


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