[wingide-users] The 'Add Directory' browse box

Tom Stambaugh tms at zeetix.com
Tue Jan 29 09:02:35 MST 2008


While we're at it, can we be SURE that the cached directory in the "search 
in files" box moves with the project?

I sometimes need to work on several versions of the same project -- such as 
fixing a minor bug in a live site, while also working on a major new release 
of the same site. I generally keep these in two separate directory 
hierarchies, each with their own project file.

I think (though I'm not totally sure) that when I close one project and then 
open another, the default directory of the "search in files" tab fails to 
change along with everything else. The result is that I inadvertently find 
myself searching in and sometimes even editing the *wrong* project -- a bad 

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> This is a small nit, but an annoying one...
> Project -> Add Directory  click 'Browse'
> I expected it to start the browsing at my project directory (preferred) or 
> at the directory of the last edited file (2nd choice).
> Instead it starts me out at the "Windows root" which is oddly "Desktop" 
> and from there takes a ridiculous number of clicks and scrolling just to 
> get to anywhere on my C: drive.
> Could we add this to the "Fix it so the complainers will shut up" list? 
> ;-)
> Thanks,
> Michael
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