[wingide-users] Argument list issues

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Wed Jan 23 10:40:21 MST 2008

David Person wrote:
> Wing 3.0.3 doesn't do introspection on appscript in the editor window. 
> Is that generally true or did I screw up a setting? Does it have 
> anything to do with appscript being an 'egg'? It is in 
> /Library/Python/2.5/site-packages, which is in my python path.

This may be due to appscript being installed as an .egg file and you 
probably will get some completion if you install it unzipped.  That 
said, you won't get dynamic completion based on the application running 
on your system because that requires a running debug process and may 
change between the time you write the code and when you run it.

> Unfortunately introspection in the debug window is one of my favorite 
> things about Wing 3! In using appscript, introspection is a wonderful 
> help; the applications I'm connecting to, such as Adobe's InDesign, have 
> an enormous number of functions and properties, and introspection is my 
> favorite way to confirm syntax. The Adobe documentation is for 
> AppleScript and the python syntax is different.

As Stephan noted this is a workaround and this issue needs to be better 
addressed.  It will be in future versions, but unfortunately we don't 
have access to a time machine to fix it in released versions :).  The 
workaround is a way to use 3.0 even if you can't use introspection in 
the debug probe.

There may also be issues with appscript that prevent all methods being 
safely enumerated because it may take too long to dynamically query 
every application.  I have not looked at appscript enough to know that 
this will be the case, but we know of at least one similar module on 
Windows where it is a problem.



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