[wingide-users] Argument list issues

David Person c.wing at personconsulting.com
Wed Jan 23 10:13:06 MST 2008

Ahh, thanks.

But now I'm confused, because I've been switching back-and-forth  
between versions:

Wing 3.0.3 doesn't do introspection on appscript in the editor window.  
Is that generally true or did I screw up a setting? Does it have  
anything to do with appscript being an 'egg'? It is in /Library/Python/ 
2.5/site-packages, which is in my python path.

Unfortunately introspection in the debug window is one of my favorite  
things about Wing 3! In using appscript, introspection is a wonderful  
help; the applications I'm connecting to, such as Adobe's InDesign,  
have an enormous number of functions and properties, and introspection  
is my favorite way to confirm syntax. The Adobe documentation is for  
AppleScript and the python syntax is different.


On Jan 22, 2008, at 7:25 p, Wingware Support wrote:

> David Person wrote:
>> Is this the same list that "fixing the introspection of the module  
>> appscript" is on? (see my thread from Jan 16th)
> No it's different -- that was crashing in the live / runtime
> introspection code and is a much higher priority bug since
> it's a crash and blocks people from using Wing.
>> I'm really looking forward to that and will be happy to test it.  
>> It's a drag having to go back to Wing 2.x
> Well, you'll be glad to hear I'm a dummy ;-) I earlier thought there  
> was
> no preference to turn off introspection in the shells, but there is:
> It's Source Analysis / Introspect in Shells.
> If you uncheck that, you should be able to use Wing 3.0.3 without this
> crash.  Of course you won't have auto-completion in the shells until  
> we
> can fix the underlying bug (slightly non-trivial but high priority
> as I noted).
> > By the way, 2.x crashes on Mac OS X Leopard (for me, anyway) when  
> going
> > to Preferences -> Editor -> Advanced, and possibly some other  
> sections.
> Yes, this is the new X11 impl freaking out on us.  Hopefully the above
> info will get you running w/ Wing 3.0.3 which works around the bug and
> does not have this crash on OS X.
> Please let me know if that doesn't help.
> Thanks,
> -- 
> Stephan Deibel
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