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Tue Jan 22 20:25:32 MST 2008

David Person wrote:
> Is this the same list that "fixing the introspection of the module 
> appscript" is on? (see my thread from Jan 16th)

No it's different -- that was crashing in the live / runtime
introspection code and is a much higher priority bug since
it's a crash and blocks people from using Wing.

> I'm really looking forward to that and will be happy to test it. It's a 
> drag having to go back to Wing 2.x

Well, you'll be glad to hear I'm a dummy ;-) I earlier thought there was
no preference to turn off introspection in the shells, but there is:
It's Source Analysis / Introspect in Shells.

If you uncheck that, you should be able to use Wing 3.0.3 without this
crash.  Of course you won't have auto-completion in the shells until we
can fix the underlying bug (slightly non-trivial but high priority
as I noted).

 > By the way, 2.x crashes on Mac OS X Leopard (for me, anyway) when going
 > to Preferences -> Editor -> Advanced, and possibly some other sections.

Yes, this is the new X11 impl freaking out on us.  Hopefully the above
info will get you running w/ Wing 3.0.3 which works around the bug and
does not have this crash on OS X.

Please let me know if that doesn't help.



Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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