[wingide-users] Tooltip colors w/ light-on-dark color theme

Pete pfein at pobox.com
Thu Jan 17 14:25:07 MST 2008

On Thursday January 17 2008 4:05:47 pm Wingware Support wrote:
> Pete wrote:
> > I'm using a light-on-dark color theme.  After some fiddling, things look
> > mostly ok.  However, tooltips (the little mouseover boxes that pop up all
> > over the place, not just on the toolbar) are still illegible, since they
> > use a light yellow background (#ffffdd I'd guess) which doesn't work with
> > my white foreground text.
> >
> > Which Document Text Style controls this?
> I think it's controlled by the overall GTK theme.  Which one are you using?
> There's one called Black-Background that seems to correctly set the
> background of the tooltips.  We may need to fiddle with this when only the
> editor background color is changed and not the whole theme.  Or is it that
> you're using the Windows default theme and the colors are coming in through
> that?

I use the System GTK + the Qt theme, which gives me KDE widgets.  Tooltips 
show correctly (ie, black-on-yellow) in my KDE apps, but not other GTK apps. 
Hmm, maybe this isn't a Wing specific problem after all.  I'll investigate 

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