[wingide-users] problem using package appscript

David Person c.wing at personconsulting.com
Wed Jan 16 20:17:29 MST 2008


I have Wing v3.0.2-1. Today I installed the appscript package (http://appscript.sourceforge.net/ 

A basic sample of code is:

from appscript import *

When I type 'ap' in app (ie, as soon as it starts auto-complete on the  
function 'app'), the machine slows to a crawl.

Python uses up 100% of a cpu for a few minutes and balloons to over  
3gb of real memory.

It becomes basically unusable.

I've tried adding both 'appscript' and 'app' in the debugging  
preferences 'omit types', 'omit names', and 'do not expand', with no  

I've used appscript (unknown version) and wing (2.x) before and I had  
no problems. I was on Tiger then, and am on Leopard now.

Is there some way I can fix this? I'd prefer to have autocomplete  
enabled, but if I have to turn it off for this package that's OK for  


ps. I just submitted a bug report after realizing that would help.

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