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Wed Jan 16 19:35:06 MST 2008

Yarko T wrote:
> I zipped up and sent you my logs...
> Here's a helpful hint:
> I noticed in the last-python log an unexpected version / path of Python:
> I have a Lilypond installation, which it seems has its own Python 2.4 
> executable (!).
> Strangely (?)  I did not have my Python25 directory in my Windows PATH 
> (it was in my project).
> Putting my Python25 in the path (and restarting WingIDE) solved my 
> problem --- but raises a question for multiple Python installations...
> Comments?

It looks like the Lilypond-provided Python may have just been crashing
when it tried to run Django, or possibly something about it is partly
broken or purposely crippled so our debugger was unable to function.

In general, if you have multiple Python installs, you should set
Python Executable in Project Properties.

Wing is designed to work with any Python from 1.5.2 through 2.5.x
(currently) and usually developers have more than one installation
or version or multiple compiles (e.g. with or without debug symbols)
or variants like cygwin Python or Stackless Python or 32 bit vs 64
bit Python.  Wing ships with the debugger compiled for all of these.

However, necessarily, we do require certain modules to be present
for our debugger to work and we don't support all possible compilations
of Python.  In those cases, users can usually manually add modules
and/or compile the debugger support themselves against their custom
Python interpreter.  This is needed fairly rarely, however... in fact,
almost never as far as we know.

I should note that Wing also ships with its own Python (it's written
in Python as well) but that's a private install and should never end
up on your path like the Lilypond Python has.  In general, apps shouldn't
do that so you may want to ask them to isolate their copy of Python if
it was something their installer did.

Hope that helps to clarify how Wing relates to multiple Python installs.
Glad it's working for you now!


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
Advancing Software Development


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