[python] Re: [wingide-users] three feature suggestions

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Sat Jan 12 10:48:51 MST 2008

Wingware Support wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for the suggestions, which are all good ideas.  Let me just 
> briefly comment on them:
>> 1. Have a document tab that contains a web browser.
> This is something we'd like to do but suspect it is difficult to do 
> and even more difficult to do cross-platform.  There is an mozilla 
> embedding widget for gtk, but I've only seen occasional reports of 
> people trying it on win32 and I foresee a number of problems on OS X.  
> There's also a potential question of mozilla versions.
> That said, more and more functionality is being provided through web 
> pages and it would be very nice to have a builtin web browser.
Perhaps a 'view in web browser' menu option (which would be easy to 
implement using Wing scripts).

Visual Studio has pretty good integration with the browser for debugging 
ASP apps - including setting breakpoints etc. Could be more useful than 
embedding a browser pane into Wing.

>> 2. Associate the search in files tool with a particular editor split 
>> window.
> This is a good idea and is possibly done through expanding split reuse 
> preference.
>> 3. Finally full blown trac integration - whatever that might look like.
> This might be done through a general bug tracking tool that can work 
> with trac.  A bug tracking tool is something we'd like to implement, 
> but isn't in our near term plans.

This could be interesting. At Resolver we need to decide on a public bug 
tracking system.

Michael Foord

> Cheers,
> John
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