[wingide-users] three feature suggestions

Tim Burgess timb at tbitc.com
Fri Jan 11 21:20:21 MST 2008

I am a very satisfied user. Perhaps these suggestions are already 
implemented or are simply going to far

1. Have a document tab that contains a web browser.
Why? I work with Trac - man I love that! and I spend my day switching 
between Firefox/trac and Wing.  If trac  were viewable amongst the 
source file windows or the tool windows(possibly a bad idea too small) 
...  To have a firefox embedded window  - that I could load trac into....

Imagine a editor tab with Trac showing, or better yet one tab open with 
documentation wiki, and another open on the tickets....  <Homer style 
groan emitted here>

2. Associate the search in files tool with a particular editor split window.
I operate with two side by side windows all day. Often I need to go hunt 
through the project files for some information - ie control names, and I 
can locate then with search in files (project files). I try to search in 
one window and edit in the other. I better give an example.

Find all my bitmap buttons project wide - I am going to make a list of 
them so I can loop through them and say disable them all.
Left window will be my search through project files - taking me from 
button to button
Right Window will be my place to build a collection of the control names

In this scenario if I am not careful - I easily and often wind up making 
the right window be the search display, and then I have to go find where 
I was working building my list.

3. Finally full blown trac integration - whatever that might look like.

thanks for a great product

Tim Burgess
IT Consultant
RedHat Certified Engineer
timb at tbitc.com
Mobile 0422 942 972

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