[wingide-users] Save As (Project) - Beware!

Brandon Cline blcline at cox.net
Sun Jan 6 00:29:58 MST 2008

Yarko T wrote:
> Hi -
> Just downloaded WingIDE after reading all the raves about how it's 
> better than Komodo at finding references, definitions, etc.
> So - to get familiar w/ Django, I decided to try WIng.   (Running 
> Windows XP, Python2.5.1,etc.).
> Going thru the Django tutorials, I dove right into wing, and that was 
> easy.    And yes - it is much better than Komodo at parsing (I did 
> have to set up paths w/in my Python 2.5 space to the Django stuff - ? 
> not default, really? - well, but after that ---  GREAT!   I can see 
> definitions in their source (and with that alternatives -- so very 
> useful).
> Creating a new project from the top of mysite directory also worked 
> just as I would have expected - again, great stuff.
> So I was a little surprised when - as I started to edit w/ Wing, and 
> go thru my learning, I went to save my project.    Well, default name 
> and path didn't work for me (of course!), so I browsed to put this in 
> the area with my workspace, and name it according to my project/site 
> -  so I didn't enter the Wing Project file extension (don't even know 
> what it is at this point!).   I ASSUMED since the filetype in the 
> dialog was Wing Project, the extension would be automatically 
> added....  I named the project the same as my directory containing the 
> project ---- that is the directory was "mysite" and the Wing project, 
> at the parent of "./mysite" was also named "mysite".
> I expected the file extension to be automatically added.
> What happened?
> !   Changed directories into "./myproject" ---- I went back to working 
> and ALMOST closed the dialog --- but I checked "all files" and saw 
> Fortunately, I cancelled, and did "save as" again, BUT this time ONLY 
> replaced the filename portion of the "default" name (!).
> Would you please fix this?  
>  When the "Save As" type is listed as "Wing Project" --- would you 
> PLEASE add the correct file extension (*.wpr)!!!!    This is SO 
> commonly done, I was really surprised when Wing didn't.
> Thanks,
> Yarko

I see what you mean, if you type the name of a directory in the filename 
field (without the extension) it changes to the directory rather than 
adding the .wpr extension for you automatically.

I don't think this is a Wing IDE quirk though, as the standard dialog 
widget likely does this by default.  Type in the name of the any 
directory in any Windows save dialog and it does the same thing. 

If the name is not a directory name, Wing works as expected and adds the 
.wpr extension whether or not you enter it.


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