[wingide-users] Save As (Project) - Beware!

Yarko T yarkot1 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 23:53:19 MST 2008

Max -  I have WinXP; Python 2.5.1; WingIDE Pro 3.0.2-1 (rev 16915)

Here it is (I can reproduce at will!)

Project => Save Project As...

[Dialog for Save Project As comes up - see Img1]

I'll go to a directory level where there is no *.wpr file, and where there
is a directory that I'll try to name the project file as - in this case
JS_Frameworks (it's a directory within the directory I'm trying to create a
project file).

In the dialog:
    File name:        [JS_Frameworks]  <== I expect the creation of
    Save as type:   [Wing Project]  <== as was default in the "Save Project
As" dialog

Action:   Click [SAVE]
Resulting behavior:   Dialog box changes directories to JS_Frameworks
(!!!);  see resulting dialog box Img2

Action:   {Arrrgh!  out of frustration, just Click [SAVE] again in this
directory I DID NOT want}
Resulting behavior:   Dialog boc closes;  project saved (in unintended

Alternative:    ADD the ".wpr" extention in Img1 / step one ---> all is
well, and project file saved.

Very silly behavior.

NOTE:  I did NOT type the path in the "File name" box of the dialog --- I
selected directory from the dialog (as you see).

This should add the extension on "Save" which is what every other program I
ever remember working with does (NOT change directories).

It's a small but annoying point.

On Jan 6, 2008 12:12 AM, Maximilian Wilson <wilson.max at gmail.com> wrote:

> [Yarko--sorry for the duplicate post. Also, I tried naming the file the
> same thing as the directory and it still worked for me: the text below is
> edited slightly]
> Yarko,
> Fellow WingIDE newbie here. There's something funny going on with your
> scenario. Here's what I tried to replicate your problem
> Project | New Project. (Creates a new, empty project.)
> Project | Save Project As | <type "C:\foobar\foobar" in the box, without
> changing to c:\foobar first> | Save
> Now, from the command line, I type "dir \foobar" and there's a file there
> called foobar.wpr. This is exactly what I expected to happen, but
> apparently it works differently on for you. Could you double-check and post
> the steps you followed, please?
> FWIW, I'm running on Vista w/ Python 2.5.
> -Max
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