[wingide-users] praise and a little issue

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Thu Feb 28 08:27:21 MST 2008

Paul Sijben wrote:
> I am so happy that debugging now works for multithreaded apps!
> One thing that is starting to annoy me is that on linux (gnome). The
> debug window is not placed centered, but moves a bit to the right and
> down on each presentation. Until it comes up to the lower border of the
> screen. Here is appears to be so eager to resize that the window shrinks
> until is is unusable and I have to manually resize it to use it.
> Is there a way to stop this behavior?

Do you mean the dialog that shows up before debugging?  It seems to
stay where it should be for me on Linux, tho I'm on KDE and this could
be a window manager aggravated problem.  What window manager are you

A work around would be just to uncheck the "Show this dialog before
each debug run" check box.  You can get at this same info using the
File Properties in the file you're starting debug in.


Stephan Deibel
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