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Brian Hook brianhook at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 13:47:56 MST 2008

I've been using OS Commands or just the regular command line (this on OS X),
however the workflow is poor because I sometimes have elaborate command
lines.  When I want to run with full speed ups I then have to cut and paste
that command line and run it separately.

It would be nice to have something like Visual Studio's "Run" command
(Ctrl-F5) where no debugging is enabled.  If this could be done it would
help a lot while I bounce between performance tuning and actual debugging.


On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 3:34 PM, Wingware Support <support at wingware.com>

> Brian Hook wrote:
> > Right now I have a factor of 4 difference in speed running inside the
> > IDE vs. the command line, and I'm guessing it's because when debugging
> > then -O flag isn't set?  Is there a way to run my application without
> > debugging support inside the IDE at full speed?
> In Wing Pro you can use the OS Commands tool to execute arbitrary command
> lines, including Python code.  This runs outside of our debugger, however.
> There's also Execute Current File in the debug menu, which uses
> OS Commands to execute the file (though you may need to modify
> the synthesized command line for some things).
> I should note that Wing 3.0->3.0.3 have substantially more debug
> overhead than Wing 2.x, and more than they should have.  This will
> be fixed in 3.1 and I'm investigating applying a version of the
> fix for 3.0.4.
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