[wingide-users] Running with optimizaions enabled

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Wed Feb 27 13:34:30 MST 2008

Brian Hook wrote:
> Right now I have a factor of 4 difference in speed running inside the 
> IDE vs. the command line, and I'm guessing it's because when debugging 
> then -O flag isn't set?  Is there a way to run my application without 
> debugging support inside the IDE at full speed?

In Wing Pro you can use the OS Commands tool to execute arbitrary command
lines, including Python code.  This runs outside of our debugger, however.

There's also Execute Current File in the debug menu, which uses
OS Commands to execute the file (though you may need to modify
the synthesized command line for some things).

I should note that Wing 3.0->3.0.3 have substantially more debug
overhead than Wing 2.x, and more than they should have.  This will
be fixed in 3.1 and I'm investigating applying a version of the
fix for 3.0.4.


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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