[wingide-users] global setUp script for unit testing? (and other unittest features)

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Mon Feb 25 09:07:38 MST 2008

Warren, Russell wrote:
> Features I would really like are:
> 1. The ability to assign a global setUp script
> 2. Same for tearDown

This will come through support for alternate test runners, such as nose. 
  In general, I'd like to have Wing's test support work with multiple 
test  frameworks / runners rather than essentially inventing a Wing 
specific one.  The idea is to allow the tests to run outside of Wing.

One way to do this with Wing 3.0.x, which I think you mention in other 
messages is to have common code that is run by all setUp & tearDown methods.

> 3. Have the option of the unittest result tree starting out fully collapsed

This will be added as an option in future versions, though would you 
want the tests collapsed if they were previously expanded?  My thought 
is to add an option to either expand failed tests or not to.  If failed 
tests are not expanded, then the expansion state of the tree would not 
change when tests were run.

> 4. Have some way of running a generated unittest.TestSuite

It should work to construct test suites at runtime through exec or other 
dynamic class construction techniques.  We use this internally to test 
the debugger against many different python versions.  What specific 
problems are you running into?

Thanks for the feedback,


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