[wingide-users] WingIDE & Nose

Pete pfein at pobox.com
Sun Feb 24 14:02:18 MST 2008

On Sunday February 24 2008 3:37:23 pm Warren, Russell wrote:
> > I think nose can do things like this (certainly with a plugin).
> >
> > Unfortunately, Wing doesn't support nose's test discovery, etc., so it
> > means running your tests outside the IDE.
> Never heard of nose... I'll have to check it out.  The nose free unittest
> on its own has no problem doing what I want.  It is purely the Wing IDE
> integration I'm struggling with.

Nose is sweet:

Great test discovery and lots of neat plugins: coverage reports, doctest 
support, etc.

You might also be interested in the testing-in-python list: 

> In the mean time, python being python I've managed to kluge together a
> makeshift solution that helps me part way at least... basically I subclass

I've tried to avoid writing my own test harnesses & subclassess.  I'd rather 
loose some integration/functionality for the benefits of interoperability 
with other tools (ie, nose).

It'd sure be nice if Wing supported nose though.  There's a pdb plugin that 
drops you into pdb on test failure.  Perhaps we could write a similar plugin 
for wingdbstub?

Hey nose-users, any of you use WingIDE?


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