[wingide-users] global setUp script for unit testing? (and other unittest features)

Warren, Russell russell.warren at newport.com
Sun Feb 24 09:57:05 MST 2008

I'm a big fan of the integrated unittest support (it is integrated well and I
really like the treeview+icons output), but the implementation seems severely
limited at the moment. Right now all I can get it to do is run any TestCase
implementations it finds in the files I tell it about.

Features I would really like are:

1. The ability to assign a global setUp script

    ie: "run this script to completion prior to running the unit tests". Not
    having this ability is preventing me from using Wing's unit testing
    because I first need to spark up a server app prior to running the test
    suite (which is testing the server api).

2. Same for tearDown

    ie: "Run the indicated script after all unit tests are complete".
    In my specific case I want to shut the server down at the end so I can
    fix the failures and have the test suite launch them again on the next

3. Have the option of the unittest result tree starting out fully collapsed

    When you write a zillion unit tests (in several groups) to start with and
    then work your way through one by one, having the tree explode all failed
    files and groups to show individual failures is distracting. I routinely
    collapse all unit tests at the top level when the test completes.

4. Have some way of running a generated unittest.TestSuite

    In some cases I generate a TestSuite with tests in a particular order. It
    would be nice if Wing could see such a suite and run it. This is not a
    huge deal since all my unit tests should run independently anyway :|

Out of all of those, I *really* want the ability to have a global setUp script
so I can actually use the IDE to run my server tests. At the moment I've had
to generate a testing script that dynamically finds all my unit tests, makes a
TestSuite and then runs it. Then I sift through the massive traceback output
in the i/o window to find what I need. I would *much* prefer to just use the
sexy unittest result tree.

Is there some current way I can hack in a global startUp script?

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