[wingide-users] License the WingIDE framework for custom applications?

Wolfgang Keller wolfgang.keller.privat at gmx.de
Sun Feb 10 09:12:33 MST 2008


how about the idea of splitting off a "pythonic Eclipse" platform from
WingIDE? I.e. a generic application framework usable for any kind of
custom applications? WingIDE would be a strong candidate for such a
project imho, because:

- it's cross-platform (not just on paper, but actually proven)
- it's portable/movable, i.e. doesn't require installation (nice in any
locked-up enterprise-style environment)
- it's GTK, so less bulky than Qt (and free for closed-source apps) and
more modern than wxWidgets (Yes this is a Mac user here)
- I just love that switch-ability between mutiple windows and
multi-pains. :-)

Obviously, there's no need to publish such a thing as "open source",
per-client-seat licensing would be perfectly ok.


Wolfgang Keller 

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