[wingide-users] Re: Single instance

Avner Ben avner at skilldesign.com
Tue Feb 5 02:28:12 MST 2008

Michael Hipp wrote:

> > I thought this was in preferences somewhere but I can't find it...
> > 
> > Is there an option somewhere to allow Wing to run multiple instances by 
> > clicking on a .wpr file (in Winders)? Presently it just blows away 
> > whatever project I'm working on and loads the new project.
> > 
> > If I have Wing open and click on another wpr file, I'd like it to load 
> > another instance so I can have both open without the hassle of having to 
> > start an "empty" instance of Wing.

Wind IDE wrote:
> You can force Wing to start a new instance with the command line option
> --new
Odd, but in my computer (running Win XP), starting Wing IDE with another 
instance active, does open a second instance, ending up with the first 
instance complaining that its project file has been re-rewritten. I wish 
there was a way to suppress that!


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