[wingide-users] Single Instance

Michael Hipp Michael at Hipp.com
Mon Feb 4 09:33:34 MST 2008

Wingware Support wrote:
> Michael Hipp wrote:
>> I thought this was in preferences somewhere but I can't find it...
>> Is there an option somewhere to allow Wing to run multiple instances 
>> by clicking on a .wpr file (in Winders)? Presently it just blows away 
>> whatever project I'm working on and loads the new project.
>> If I have Wing open and click on another wpr file, I'd like it to load 
>> another instance so I can have both open without the hassle of having 
>> to start an "empty" instance of Wing.
> You can force Wing to start a new instance with the command line option
> --new
> If that doesn't help, please let me know.  There isn't a pref to turn off
> the instance reuse facility, but perhaps we need to add one.


I went into the "file associations" thing in Windows and added the --new 
option to the 'open' action. And it seems to work great now.

I'd suggest this should be the default behavior. When I'm working in one 
project and I click on a different project file, the most likely use 
case, IMHO, is that the user is wanting to open a different Window to 
examine or copy some related code. Having it wholesale eradicate what 
I'm currently working on falls outside the "least surprise" or "first, 
do no harm" dictum.

Clicking on a code file should probably just add it to the current instance.

Anyway, didn't mean that as a rant. Just food for thought.


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