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Tue Dec 30 09:40:01 MST 2008

Marc A. Murison wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 12:00 PM, <wingide-users-request at wingware.com 
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>     From: Craig <fasteliteprogrammer at yahoo.com
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>     Subject: [wingide-users] How do i install wingware
>     How do i install wingware on unbuntu and fedora.I have try the rpm
>     anddeb file and still   can't get wingware to work on linux.I try
>     out the free one.
> The rpms didn't work for me, either (Fedora 9 and 10).  But no worries.  
> Just download the appropriate archive file (e.g., 
> wingide-personal-3.1.6-1-i386-linux.tar.gz) from wingware.com 
> <http://wingware.com> and unpack it.  In a terminal window, cd to the 
> unpack directory and issue the command 'python wing-install.py'.  Enter 
> the appropriate info at the prompts (and/or accept the defaults), and 
> you are all set.

Was the problem that the some prerequisites were missing?  In general,
sending the error messages to support at wingware.com is helpful, so we can
try to fix problems.



Stephan Deibel
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