[wingide-users] auto completion makes typing slow

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Thu Dec 25 19:53:28 MST 2008

for me, One Old PC: Pentium III -  800M Hz, 256M memory. Yes, WingIDE is
quite slow.
Another Old PC: Pentium IV 2400M Hz, 1G memory, No, It runs smoothly.
and some not old PC, each one runs smoothly.
auto completion is turning on for every pc mentioned above.
On Thu, Dec 25, 2008 at 2:37 PM, Brendan Miller <catphive at catphive.net>wrote:

> I'm evaluating wing 3.1 pro on windows xp.
> One thing that's bugging me is that the typing speed is quite slow.
> Drawing of typed text seems to lag a second or two behind the words
> I've typed. I have a reasonably fast computer.
> Disabling autocompletion seems to fix this. Has anyone else noticed
> this, or gotten typing to speed up while keeping autocompletion on?
> Thanks,
> Brendan
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