[wingide-users] KPrinter on Ubuntu

Mike Shepanski mjs7231 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 12:12:15 MST 2008

Is is possible to install KPrint in Ubuntu 8.10?

When I print a document in Wing it says prints with some canned default
options and doesn't provide me any way to edit this.  Along with the print
message is a nice sentence explaining I can get options if I install KDE's
KPrinter.  When looking at the KDEPrint Homepage I see no download options
for this, and a message saying "The main parts of KDEPrint are built into
the release so can't be downloaded separately".  I did a search in Synaptic
Package Manager for "kdeprint" and only one result came back for
'system-config-printer-kde'.  However installing this package did not enable
printing options in Wing.

Any other options?

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