[wingide-users] new to wingide

Joe and Janine Loyzaga jloyzaga at bigpond.net.au
Tue Dec 9 21:08:22 MST 2008

I'm trying to use easygui with wingide and get this error
NameError:name 'msgbox' is not defined - where do I put the easygui.py 

for this code
from easygui import *
import sys

while 1:
    msgbox("Hello, world!")

    msg ="What is your favorite flavor?"
    title = "Ice Cream Survey"
    choices = ["Vanilla", "Chocolate", "Strawberry", "Rocky Road"]
    choice = choicebox(msg, title, choices)

    # note that we convert choice to string, in case
    # the user cancelled the choice, and we got None.
    msgbox("You chose: " + str(choice), "Survey Result")

    msg = "Do you want to continue?"
    title = "Please Confirm"
    if ccbox(msg, title):     # show a Continue/Cancel dialog
        pass  # user chose Continue
        sys.exit(0)           # user chose Cancel

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