[wingide-users] Rescan installed modules?

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Mon Dec 8 08:44:57 MST 2008

Joshua J. Kugler wrote:
> Maybe it had to do with the fact that the module was already mentioned 
> in the file I was editing.  I was editing a file in a project that had:
> import cherrypy
> I realized I didn't have it installed, and so installed it.  After that,
> cherrypy.|
> still produced "Cannot determine type."  I also looked for the reanalyze 
> file menu option, but didn't see that.  Should I have been able to get 
> an autocomplete list in this case?
> Ah yes, I verified that if the module is already mentioned in an import, 
> and THEN you add the module in the sys.path, it won't see it.  If you 
> delete and replace the line that imports the module (a simple Ctrl-X, 
> Ctrl-V will do) it will be able to see the contents of the module.
> Sorry for the noise if that is expected behavior.

Ah, that does make some sense in terms of how the caching works.  I'm not
sure we can easily change this case w/o introducing performance problems.
You can, however, right click on the editor where you have the 'cherrypy.|'
and select Reanalyze File and it will find the new module.


Stephan Deibel
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