[wingide-users] Rescan installed modules?

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Sun Dec 7 20:29:36 MST 2008

Joshua J. Kugler wrote:
> I searched the list archives, let me know if my google-foo was lacking.
> Is there a way to rescan sys.path for new modules?  Sometimes I install 
> modules while WingIDE is running, and it would be nice to have access 
> to auto-complete for those modules without having to restart WingIDE.
> Is the feature already there and I missed it?  If not, I'd vote for 
> it! :)

It should be picking up on new modules if you add them somewhere
on the Python path.  I just tried it by creating yyy.py in my Python
install's site-packages and it showed up in the auto-completion list
for 'import y|' (| is caret).  This worked both in the editor and
the Python Shell.

Is this not working for you?  If not, what Wing version is it?  Or is
it something else you're expecting to happen that is not working?


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
Advancing Software Development


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