[wingide-users] Most painful area of WingIDE (and some suggestion...)

Marcin Kasperski Marcin.Kasperski at softax.com.pl
Mon Dec 1 13:09:36 MST 2008

Having used WingIDE for some time, I feel that most painful area for
me is the problem of the navigation between files (opening, locating
etc). I hate the current project browser with those deeply nested
trees (I have complicated projects with many directories spawning many

I am not sure how to solve this perfectly, but would like to suggest
the following:

1. Do *something* to let me open the project file by partial name without
   navigating to it through the directory tree. So I could press some
   shortcut, type a few letters and get the autocompleted list of the
   matching project files, wherever in the project tree they are. It
   could be implemented in a few ways:


   - I press (say) C-x o (or F9 or whatever)

   - WingIDE displays input box on the bottom of the window (just like
     it does after C-x f in emacs mode, but with different prompt and

   - I type a few letters and press Tab 

   - WingIDE popups autocompleted list (similar to one shown after C-x
     f), this list contains all project files which match the given name
     (if I typed __in it should show all __init__.py files for example),
     the list should use some "reverse path" convention
     (emacs-like __init__.py<a/lib>, __init__.py<b/lib>
      where just enough is shown to distinguish between files is worth

   (B) There is "file search" box on the top of the project panel. One
     can click it, enter partial name, click enter and get the 
     matching files below. There are also keyboard shortcuts, so one

     - press some shortcut to jump to this file search box
     - type a few letters and press Enter,
     - press Tab to jump to the files list,
     - navigate with keyboard arrows and pick the file with Enter

2. Improve C-x f so it works as in Emacs. In particular:

   - if I type C-x f and then ~ I should reset the file search box
     to my home directory (some single-letter shortcut which would
     reset it to project root would also be nice, maybe # ?)

     { if it was unclear: in emacs, when I type 
           C-x f ~ pTab 
       I get list of $HOME/p* files and directories - wherever
       I was before pressing ~ and whatever was shown)

   - make the autocompletion popup bigger and/or multicolumn, so I usually
     see all the matches instead of just first 4 (Emacs uses half of the
     window and multicolumn display)

   - make Alt-Backspace (eat last directory from the current path) work

3. Improve C-x b so it works as in Emacs. In particular:

   - if I press 
           C-x b Tab
     I should see the list of all files which are currently open

   - as above, the autocompletion popup should be big enough to show

4. Make recent files available via shortcut and suitable for autocompletion
   (not really necessary if 1 is implemented)

5. (advanced topic) Consider grabbing some information about my usage habits,
   for example if I repeatably happen to always open blahblah.py while
   having trahtrah.py open Wing should make this file easier to find
   ("Related files" panel or so). Eclipse Mylyn is not exactly that,
   but has some similar concepts.


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