[wingide-users] Re: Testing Tool

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Mon Dec 1 08:05:59 MST 2008

Wingware Support wrote:
> Michael Foord wrote:
>> Wingware Support wrote:
>>> Michael Foord wrote:
>>>> *Sometimes* when running tests with the testing tool it doesn't 
>>>> pick up changes but uses the previous version of the tests or 
>>>> module under test (implying  that a module has not been reloaded).
>>>> I assume this is a bug?
>>> Were the files saved before running the test?  Every set of tests 
>>> run uses one (or more) processes, so it's not a case of reloading 
>>> tests or not.
>> Definitely saved yes - and it happens regularly.
> Could you provide a test case?

I think I've worked out what happened. When I press 'Run Tests' in the 
testing tool it doesn't run all the test files, but seems to pick an 
(apparently) arbitrary subset - so all the preexisting failures (that 
I've now fixed) then still show as red after the test run. Repeatedly 
pressing run tests doesn't change anything.

If I go and select the file that hasn't run and then hit run tests, it 
runs fine. Very confusing I'm afraid.


> Thanks,
> John


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