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Chris White chris.chriswhite at gmail.com
Sun Aug 24 14:10:36 MDT 2008

> I don't know when I'll get to making those changes, however.  In
> the meantime, I'm happy to provide the updated/merged PO files to
> anyone that wants them...

I think this is about what it comes down to for community based
translations. Are the PO files publicly available, and if not, what's
preventing them from going fully public (versus a per-basis request system)?
I ask because a link to the file on a website is easily transferable versus
having to request by email (increasing the potential translation pool).
Solving that would solve a majority of the issues with not having
translations available. Once there's enough people doing translations, a
wiki could be created for people to track translation progress in general.
You might provide mailing list as well for more active translations, but I'm
not sure about the necessity, as I can't vouch for how much fresh translated
content would be available to work on after that (documentation is one, but
once that's done it's pretty dry from there unless there were any sort of
Python / Wing related articles people wished to work on).  Oh and while
we're on the subject, I wouldn't mind taken a PO file to work on the
Japanese translation.

Best Regards,
Chris White
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