[wingide-users] Save and minimize on Windows

Mike Driscoll mdriscoll at co.marshall.ia.us
Fri Aug 15 09:17:53 MDT 2008

Mike Rooney wrote:
> Mike Driscoll wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've noticed that the first time I save a new Python script, Wing 
>> will sometimes minimize itself. I can't get it to do it consistently, 
>> but it's kind of annoying.
>> I'm using Windows XP, Python 2.5, Wing IDE 3.1.3-1 (rev 18566)
>> It's not a big deal, but I was wondering if anyone else was 
>> experiencing this. Thanks!
> Hey Mike! I noticed this today too! I created a new file, which by the 
> way you can't save right away -- it would be nice to be able to save 
> an empty file as that is a perfectly valid thing to have on a file 
> system and may be desired. So I typed some text in it and went to save 
> it, gave it a name "BUILDING.txt", and when I saved it, Wing minimized 
> like you say. And again as you say it is just "king of annoying" but 
> doesn't seem to hurt anything.
> Just wanted to confirm for the Wing devs :)
> - Mike

I'm glad I'm not the only one. I tried to get it to do it again after I 
reported it, but I haven't had much luck. However, today it brought 
another application to the foreground (Windows Media Player in this 
case) instead of minimizing. Still annoying, but not quite as much.


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