[wingide-users] trouble installing on 64bit

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Fri Aug 15 07:57:48 MDT 2008

Tyson Wenger wrote:
> I am trying to install wing3.1.3 on Fedora 9 with a 64bit board and I'm 
> having some trouble.  I tried the linux rpm package and received an 
> error saying "libX11.so.6 is needed by wingide".  I did some researching 
> and found that I needed the ia-32 libs for it to compile.  Therefore I 
> used this command to get the files "yum install libXtst.i386".  After 
> getting this library, the rpm worked correctly and wing was installed.  
> Now when I try and run wing from the command line nothing happens.   I 
> tried running wing from its local directory and then received this error:
> DYNLIB_DIRS=/usr/lib/wingide3.1/bin/2.5/src, 
> /usr/lib/wingide3.1/bin/2.5/opensource, 
> /usr/lib/wingide3.1/bin/2.5/external/docutils/extras, 
> /usr/lib/wingide3.1/bin/2.5/external/docutils, 
> /usr/lib/wingide3.1/bin/2.5/external/pyscintilla2, 
> /usr/lib/wingide3.1/bin/2.5/external/pygtk, 
> /usr/lib/wingide3.1/bin/PyCore/lib/python2.5
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>  File "wing.py", line 577, in <module>
>    Main()
>  File "wing.py", line 554, in Main
>    squelch_output = Initialize()
>  File "wing.py", line 530, in Initialize
>    InitializeConfig()
>  File "wing.py", line 326, in InitializeConfig
>    config.gStartupEnv = _GetStartupEnv()
>  File "wing.py", line 286, in _GetStartupEnv
>    from wingutils import location
>  File "2.5/src/wingutils/location.pyo", line 32, in <module>
>  File "2.5/src/wingutils/patchimporter.pyo", line 92, in load_module
> ImportError: /usr/lib/wingide3.1/bin/2.5/src/wingutils/statops.so: wrong 
> ELF class: ELFCLASS32
> Any help would be much appreciated, I'm stuck.

I suspect you need to install additional ia-32 support libs, not just libXtst.i386.
On Debian/Ubuntu there's a ia32-libs meta package that installs them all, but I'm
not sure what it's called on Fedora.  You may be able to find it with something
like "yum list available ia-32" or "yum list available i386".


Stephan Deibel
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