[wingide-users] Global user preferences?

Mark A. Schmucker masc at rincon.com
Mon Aug 11 12:51:53 MDT 2008

The global preference file is just what I needed. Thanks!


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Mark A. Schmucker wrote:
> Is there a way to make some of the user preferences global to all 
> users in our group?
> Specifically, I have a long list of "debug.passive-hosts" in my 
> preferences file (~/wingide3/preferences). All the others in my group 
> need the same list. As the list changes in the future, I would prefer 
> to maintain just one list.

If Wing is installed centrally for all the users in the group, then a
preferences file copied into the installation directory can be used for some
shared prefs if the group delimiter is changed from [user-preferences] to
Wing reads that, then ~/.wingide3/preferences, and then any prefs file given
on the command line with the --prefs-file arg (where [user-preferences]
needs to be replaced with [extra-preferences]).


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