[wingide-users] PyLint on Save

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Mon Aug 11 09:28:26 MDT 2008

Pete wrote:
> I had an idea of using Pylint messages for the real-time warnings (the 
> yellow squiggly lines).  PyLint seems to support a much larger  set of 
> error, warning, etc. detection than Wing's internal engine.  It'd be 
> neat to use PyLint to drive the highlighting. It's quite configurable as 
> well - I've found it easy to turn off the annoying warnings.

I don't think pylint is the long term solution for driving Wing's 
real-time warnings because it is a batch oriented tool and there may be 
licensing issues with closer integration.  We realize that there's a lot 
to do to improve Wing's real-time warnings, which are quite minimal 
right now.



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