[wingide-users] A fix request

Marcus.CM marcus at internetnowasp.net
Thu Aug 7 18:36:39 MDT 2008


I notice this behavior that i find giving me a problem during debugging 
in Wing-IDE. When i set the breakpoint at any source and i run it, while 
waiting for the breakpoint to hit, i go and do something else
like typing in a console box or email or and suddenly when the 
breakpoint hits, Wing will take focus and whatever i was typing ended up 
in the breakpoint instead.  This causes unnecessary frustration as i 
tried to undo any text that ended up in the debugging source that wasnt 
meant to be there.

I tried the same on visual studio and i dont get interrupted the same 
way like this. Instead VS gracefully just blinks on the window when i am 
in some other window typing away so i can just switch to it and continue 

Hope this could be addressed, i find snatching you away from whatever 
you are doing when the breakpoint hits and taking focus away from other 
applications is doing more cycles than productivity.


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