[wingide-users] Wing IDE and DirectX

Guilherme Miguéis guilherme.migueis at marishco.com
Wed Aug 6 12:29:30 MDT 2008

Hi! I'm using Python (and the excellent Wing IDE) to write games and the main loop is implemented in Python itself. I use ctypes to interface with OpenGL and DirectX (I'm not using comtypes, though, just getting the vtable pointers for DirectX interfaces). The windowing is handled by SDL.

When the program "needs to crash" (Python exception) while debugging, the SDL and SDL+OpenGL code is handled by Wind IDE (the editor pops up, the program is paused and I can debug it). However, with DirectX it does not happen - instead, the editor freezes for a while before popping up with no paused program (the program just exits and returns to Wing IDE without showing the exception). If I run it from the Command Prompt (DOS window) I can see the exception in the console (using DirectX). 

Is there any way to configure the Wing debugger to work with DirectX in the same way it works with OpenGL? 

Thank you very much for your attention,

Guilherme Miguéis
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