[wingide-users] Remoting debugging, many-to-many

Mark A. Schmucker masc at rincon.com
Fri Aug 1 18:10:41 MDT 2008

I have a cluster of computers running my Python jobs. I'm successfully using
Remote Debugging, as described in the manual, to debug from my Wing
computer. I followed the instructions for Installing the Debugger Core, and
copied the required files to a shared WINGHOME location on the cluster.
These "debugger core" files tell the cluster computers to connect to Wing on
port 50005 (the default).
So far so good.
I told my co-worker how great Wing is for remote debugging, so now he wants
to do the same. The problem is that if my Wing is listening for remote
connections on port 50005, my co-worker's Wing says it cannot listen on
50005- "another instance of Wing is already be listening on that port".
And I still have several more co-workers to convert to Wing :-)
How can I make this work? I guess each co-workers' debugging session must
dynamically specify a port, and associate that port with a particular job
somehow. Note we cannot control which of the cluster computers actually
executes the Python code- we want whichever computer gets the job to connect
to a specific instance of Wing. Maybe where we "import wingdbstub", we could
first set a variable to specify the port dynamically. Or maybe there's a
better way.
Thanks for any ideas,
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