[wingide-users] Turning off Paste with middle (wheel) button

Kip Bryan kipb-world at bitpik.com
Tue Apr 29 20:09:56 MDT 2008

I wondered, "How can I disable the Paste effect when I accidentally click the middle button of my mouse?"
(Using Wing IDE Professional 3.0.4-1 (rev 17578) on Windows XP)

I looked in plenty of Preferences menus and didn't find anything useful, but finally found by searching the
documentation for "mouse":
 16 Preferences Reference: Middle Mouse Paste.  

So I added edit.middle-mouse-paste=0 into my preferences file, but then eventually discovered it in Edit -> Preferences
-> Editor -> Advanced, down there indented under "Selection Policy" - a checkbox for Middle Mouse Paste.  Yay!  For
documenters, it may be handy to mention this under "4.13 Notes on Copy/Paste."

I'm posting so some future person with a wimpy middle-mouse-button (scroll button) can search and find this.
The symptom is "mystery blocks of text happen to appear randomly in your document."  It took me some weeks to realize it
was from the middle mouse button.

(Under Windows there is a setting for what you want the middle mouse button to do, but Wing IDE isn't using that.)

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