[wingide-users] Alternate display in StackData?

Robin Dunn robin at alldunn.com
Tue Apr 29 12:33:12 MDT 2008

This seemed like such an obviously good idea to me that I was surprised 
that I didn't find it already implemented and mentioned in the docs. 
Since there's a chance that I'm just blind and it is in the docs, I'll 
ask here:  Is there a way to specify that certain class types should be 
shown in StackData with their repr() or str() representation instead of 
the normal Wing way?  I realize that I can just put repr(obj) in the 
Watch tool, but it would be nice if Wing could be told that particular 
classes should always be shown that way by default.  I think this would 
make sense to be able to be configurable per project.

Robin Dunn
Software Craftsman
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