[wingide-users] Attaching the Debugger to the Python Shell Tool

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Mon Apr 28 10:26:20 MDT 2008

Jonathan Mozes wrote:
> You won't - If what you're interested is writing an application for the
> application's sake (and, of course, a consumer...) - then you have no
> reason to use the second paradigm.
> If, however, your ultimate goal is to research and analyze data, then
> Python gives you're a way of both coding (you say 'little bits of code',
> but I have a research code base of tens of thousands of lines...) your
> research tools, and then using them as Add-on tools for the Interactive
> Shell - a very powerful shell indeed, (generally) unavailable in most
> programming languages.

It's reasonable to want the Python Shell in Wing to work like this and
we should improve it but I want to point out that for now you can write
something that basically loads all your add-on modules and run to a
breakpoint and use the Debug Probe to do research.  I do practically all
my development that way, with Wing run to some breakpoint that has the
environment I'm coding for so I can immediately try out code there.

A caveat is that the Debug Probe stops all threads, which may cause
problems if the things you're typing need those to be running.  In
Wing 3.1 beta3+ the Python Shell does not do that, but there you
don't have access to all the debug tools.

We'll keep working on better integrating these paradigms.


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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