[wingide-users] Attaching the Debugger to the Python Shell Tool

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Mon Apr 28 09:16:42 MDT 2008

Jonathan Mozes wrote:
> When I'm planning on debugging something, this is exactly the way I do
> it.

The way I work and my suggestion here is to always use the debugger -- 
even when I think everything will work, I know that it sometimes won't 
and I'll want the debugger.  If I want an interactive prompt, I'll use 
the debug probe.

> P.S. - Not exactly to the point, this difficulty (as well as my previous
> request of running multi-threaded apps in the Shell Tool) displays the
> two different paradigms of working with Python, the more common one
> treating Python as a programming language with the added bonus of an
> interactive shell; The second paradigm (One which I'm a devoted follower
> of) treats Python as an excellent, versatile R&D tool, capable of
> handling and manipulating complex data structures in real-time.

I think this analysis is basically correct and that Wing currently 
better supports the first paradigm.  We are aware of this and are 
working on improving support for more interactive usage.



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